Do You Know Why Hair Goes Whites?

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Scientists believe that smoking causes chemical changes that damage melanin-producing cells in the body. Genetics are also an important factor in graying hair because genes support the control of melanin production. By manipulating genes, the researchers prevented or reduced the number of gray feathers on mice. The amount and combination of melanin is a factor that determines the color of the hair. One reason for this is the gradual decrease in the number of stem cells that develop into melanin-producing cells. Does Smoking Whiten Hair ? It is thought that there is a relationship between smoking and graying of hair. Hair graying is as natural as we have hair, but most people are concerned about it due to society?s attitude to aging. However, there is no product used in this research on the market. Experiments on mice have shown that three genes can help keep the number of melanin-producing cells constant. Melanin is also responsible for the color of our hair. Does Stress Whiten Hair ? The answer to the question of whether it is possible to graze due to stress: maybe. Gray hair also contains a small amount of melanin. A study conducted in 2013 showed that smokers had gray hair three years earlier than non-smokers. A number of studies have been conducted on the causes and prevention of hair graying. This process normally starts after the 30s and 40s. What Gives The Hair Its Natural Color? The substance that gives the hair its natural color is melanin, which is the brown / black or yellow / red pigment that determines the color of the skin and eyes. Scientists conducting research on gray hair have found evidence of harmful chemicals (free radicals) caused by stress, smoking, inflammation or radiation, and pointed out that these free radicals can be harmful to pigment-producing melanocyte stem cells. The cells may be aging and damaged, or they may have lost the support systems that would enable them to function properly.Hair graying or bleaching is when the hair loses its natural color as the age progresses. There is no melanin in white hair. Why Hair Goes White? Why the hair turns gray has been the subject of many studies. How To Prevent Gray Hair? Some supplements can be taken to make your hair thicker or to prevent hair loss, but unfortunately, we cannot stop hair whitening

The Relationship Between Vitamin D and Testosterone Levels The male reproductive tract has been linked as the target tissue of vitamin D ? some studies indicate that testosterone levels in men are linked to 25-hydroxy vitamin (25 hydroxy vitamin D is the non-active form of vitamin D that passes through the kidneys). No significant change was observed in the men in the placebo group.080 nmol / l to 0. Some of the participants received 2,332 IU of vitamin D supplements for 1 year, while others were in the placebo group.28 nmol / l in men 20-49 years old). It is also known as the male hormone because there is more testosterone in men than women and the testosterone hormone plays a key role in determining the male reproductive system, muscle and bone structure.222 ? 0. What is Testosterone? Testosterone is a hormone found in both men and women (and even other vertebrates).87 nmol / l to 6. Research suggests that vitamin D supplements can boost testosterone levels.25 ? 2.9 nmol / l to 13. Testosterone level increased by a great rate of 53.01 nmol / l Free testosterone levels from?0.09-55.7 nmol / l, Bioactive testosterone levels from 21 ? 1.4+ 4.7 ? 3. A recent study shows that vitamin D may be effective in increasing testosterone levels.5 nmol / l in the group receiving vitamin D, while no change was observed in the placebo group. Overweight, healthy male participants in the weight loss program were studied for their testosterone levels. Relative to baseline values, in the group receiving vitamin D supplements: Testosterone levels were substantially from 10.267 ? 0.Testosterone levels begin to decrease with age. On top of that, it was investigated whether vitamin D supplementation had an effect on testosterone levels. Testosterone levels were at the lower end of the reference range in both groups of men (9.087 nmol / l It was observed that it increased

Certain are used in the body for certain purposes.Before describing the observed benefits and pros of whey protein powder, let?s say that no food supplement can replace a holistic, natural and unprocessed diet. However, when a high amount of BCAA is provided to the body, this time the body will preserve the muscle while leucine, one of the BCAAs, will trigger muscle synthesis. You may have heard that and E are antioxidants, but one antioxidant your body uses to scavenge free radicals is glutathione. Getting enough BCAAs during this period also helps your body to brake muscle loss while losing fat. Cysteine, which is high in whey protein, is thought to increase glutathione production in the body. For example, whey protein is a BCAA-rich protein powder that contains 3 of 9 amino acids, which is of particular importance in the repair and maintenance of muscles. Glutathione is made up of three amino acids: cysteine (cysteine), glutamic (glutamic) and glycine (glycine). Although this amount may seem small, your body will break down your muscles this time to get these BCAAs. In other words, leucine signals your body to increase amino acid storage, and your body does this by adding more muscle. In both training and body recovery, your body will break down a small amount (1-5%) of amino acids for ?fuel? and these amino acids are usually . Positive by target states associated with whey protein include: Losing weight Support to increase muscle mass Support for cancer treatment Raising glutathione, the body?s essential water-soluble antioxidant Reduction in HIV symptoms Decrease in triglycerides Reducing bad cholesterol, increasing good cholesterol Support for immune system health Increase in sports performance Decreased recovery time and signs of overtraining Lists can be made as the best whey protein powders, but what makes a whey protein good or bad is its content and the ratio of what it contains. So if you have a goal of building more muscle, getting enough BCAAs will help both preserve existing muscle and stimulate extra muscle building. One of the benefits of whey protein is that it increases glutatothione production, according to some studies. Muscle retention becomes more important if you are in the weight loss period and are restricting calories. However, whey protein can be useful if you are working hard and have difficulty supplementing your protein intake from natural foods. Benefits of Whey Protein? The pros of high quality whey protein powder can range from aesthetics to general health retention

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